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Shipping Nerds by 



About Us

If you look deep enough, you can get obsessed with anything. Want proof? We are the Shipping Nerds and we love this. If you’re not particularly interested in cultivating your own obsession in national and international bulk shipping logistics, we have good news. Are you sending posters? Toys? Games? Shirts? Mugs? Pins? Patches? Stickers? LPs? DVDs? Underpants? We can handle it for you...and quickly.



Sourcing and Orders

If you have not yet sourced your perks, we have relationships with suppliers of all sorts of products all over the world. Hit us up. If you’ve got designs, we'll take care of the rest!


Packing and Shipping

All orders are packed and shipped in our warehouse in Missoula, MT. Our handling fee includes all packing materials, warehouse costs, and customer support.


Customer Service

Our customer service team will handle service concerns from general questions to exchanges, lost items, or returns, and it’s all included!

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